Marcellus Element Telling
Location The Pavilion, London, England
Purpose Element-telling
Owner Marcellus Sanguinilon
Residents Marcellus Sanguinilon

"They walked out of Building Books, carrying tons of books on their weight. They then headed to a strange back alley, holding a grey building covered in graffiti, it had peeling paper on the window labelling it as 'Marcellus Elemental Telling.'"

Marcellus Element Telling is a back-alley store in The Pavilion, run by vampire Marcellus Sanguinilon. Lucinda Falkner and Alexander Falkner are the only known people who learned their element from here. Upon gaining your enveloped element, you are not to open it until the 1 September, or it will be cursed to give you the element you least like.